Product Information


USB CAN Interface


Intelligent CAN/LIN Interface
for the USB Port

Obsolete product - Last orders until
April 14, 2014
For new applications please use the successor product USB-to-CAN V2  in the variant professional or automotive.

Active interface with two CAN channels and one LIN channel (automotive version) for connection to the USB bus.

With its powerful 16-bit microcontroller system, the USB CAN interface allows filtering, pre-processing and saving of received messages. Transmission and reception processes can be controlled loss-free even with a high transmission rate and bus load.
Together with the universal CAN driver VCI, also supplied with the delivery, the USB-to-CAN II module allows the simple integration of PC-supported applications into CAN systems. In conjunction with the canAnalyser from IXXAT, USB-to-CAN II is a convenient, mobile analysis and development tool. The interface can also be used as a master assembly, e.g., for CANopen systems with many subscribers.

Automotive Version:
In addition to the two high-speed CAN channels, the Automotive Version allows to switch one CAN channel between high and low speed CAN and has an additional LIN interface.
LIN communication is supported either in master or slave mode.
In slave mode, the interface responds automatically to received master requests.
The response data is updated by means of a buffer via the PC-API.
In master mode, master requests are processes by the PC application. All received LIN messages are passed on to the application with time stamp, master request, response and status information.