Download openSAFETY Protocol Stack

The openSAFETY protocol stack is licensed by B&R under the BSD license and can be downloaded from the IXXAT webpage free of charge.



Herewith we explicitly inform, that by using the openSAFETY protocol stack in safety relevant applications, the Licensee expressly agrees to ensure the error free operation of the openSAFETY protocol stack within the Licensee’s application and must furthermore, and at the Licensee’s own cost, prove that the product in total fulfills the required safety category (SIL level).

The Licensee must report known errors by using the e-mail address stated on the Bug Report Webpage . Known errors are collected within a list, which will be provided to the Licensee on the Bug Report Webpage . The Licensee is obliged to regularly check the error list without explicit notice.

For the software download, the registration of an e-mail address is additionally required. The registered e-mail address is used, if required, to send important information regarding the openSAFETY stack. With the registration of the e-mail address, an e-mail, along with the access data for the software download, is sent to the registered e-mail address.

By downloading the software, the Licensee of the openSAFETY protocol stack automatically declares acceptance of the BSD license .

The above IMPORTANT INFORMATION will also be sent to the Licensee together with the access data e-mail.



The access data required for the openSAFETY protocol stack download can be requested by the form above. The access data will be send automatically to the e-mail address stated in the form.


openSAFETY Protocol Stack (4.8 MB)