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Attestation Signed - Signed version of the VCI V4 driver for Windows 10 systems with activated Secure Boot

by Norbert Binder | Jul 07, 2017

With the VCI (Virtual Communication Interface), IXXAT provides a uniform programming interface for Windows, which is independent of the PC interface technology and thus enables the use of all IXXAT CAN interfaces without adapting the application software.

The VCI is successively maintained and expanded by IXXAT. For the very first time now, two driver packages are available with the current VCI V4 version.

  • VCI V4 Standard
  • VCI V4.0.436 Attestation Signed


What does VCI stand for?


  • is a universal Windows driver for all current IXXAT interfaces
  • is included in the scope of delivery of each interface and is made available by IXXAT as download on the Internet
  • is a DLL for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 which forms the interface between user application and the IXXAT interfaces
  • allows users to develop own programs for communication via CAN, CAN FD, LIN and Industrial Ethernet
  • allows to switch between different interfaces without adapting the application software
  • now supports CAN FD interfaces in version VCI V4
  • as of now is delivered with the powerful "canAnalyser3 Mini" tool, which makes commissioning and testing of CAN networks easier

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What is "attestation signed"?

To be able to install drivers on Windows-PCs without notification screens ("Do you really trust…") software packages must be signed. So far reliable software providers could sign the installation files in-house – as HMS is doing for IXXAT software packages.
With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new way of doing this – called “attestation signed”. To get a software-package attestation signed, it is necessary to provide this to Microsoft, where it is double-checked and then is signed by Microsoft.


Who is affected?

Customers using Windows 10 (especially a server-version) on their computer that comes with enabled "secure boot" feature can only use an "attestation signed" driver!


Why IXXAT has two installation packages available?

HMS also supports older Windows versions (e.g. Windows XP) which do not yet support the new type of signature which is used in the attestation signed driver package.


How to select the right installation file?

  • For Windows 10 use the attestation signed driver
  • For Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, use the standard installation
    If "secure boot" is disabled, you can also use this driver with Windows 10.

Note: The drivers itself are the same, it’s only the signature of the installation + drivers which make it different!


Where can I find the files?

  • The standard installation of the VCI V4 is included on the IXXAT driver CD delivered with the IXXAT CAN interface
  • Both driver versions are available for  download on the IXXAT website