Case Studies

  • Forze-USB-to-CAN

    Hydrogen Electric Racing Car

    Ixxat CAN communications hardware and software provided the Forze team with communications between the race car’s systems and the teams engineers, as well as analysis tools for understanding the cars performance data.
    Forze Hydrogen Racing
  • Voltsport-USB-to-CAN

    Efficient data collection accelerates electric vehicle development

    Ixxat provides an efficient interface for data capture from electric vehicles’ CAN systems.

  • excavating machine simulator

    USB-to-CAN compact – enabling data exchange within excavating machine simulator

    At Halmstad University in Sweden, work has been proceeding to develop a state-of-the-art simulator for an excavating machine. The prototype uses Virtual Reality to simulate the environment in an excavator. The VR goggles display what the operator would see in an actual excavator and the driver's seat also moves according to what the operator does – making the experience very real.

    Halmstad University in Sweden
  • PC-Interfaces-for-Medical-Applications

    PC CAN Interfaces for medical applications

    IXXAT PC/CAN interfaces enable easy connection of medical devices from different manufacturers with a common control unit. The use of a standardized bus system such as CANopen saves development costs, enables universal and scalable use of components and also considerably reduces the number of cables.

  • Speeding-Scientists-Siegen

    Racing cars go wireless!

    IXXAT CANblue II is used to read diagnostic data from a racing car wirelessly.
    Speeding Scientists Siegen
  • Super-B

    Power up!

    Super B batteries use IXXAT USB-to-CAN and IXXAT protocol software to handle communication between lithium ion batteries and a battery management system.
    Super B