Case Studies


Car simulator driven by IXXAT

ETAS uses IXXAT PC interface boards to enable communication between their LABCAR HiL test system and different Electronic Control Units (ECUs).
We have not had a single quality issue with the IXXAT PC interfaces in ten years, which is a good proof of the quality we expect and that we deliver to our customers.
Henrik Jakoby, Product Manager
ETAS GmbH in Germany is well-known in the automotive business for their LABCAR solution – a powerful test system that simulates the behavior of a car, enabling users to test brakes, gearboxes, speed controls, and other electronic car systems in a controlled environment. ETAS is using IXXAT PC interface boards for connectivity to the CAN and LIN buses used by the car systems.

How it works
LABCAR is a complete solution including a real-time PC as well as the software which enables the simulation. To communicate with the ECUs, the PC needs access to analog and digital I/Os as well as the networks used by the different ECUs. CAN and LIN are the most important standards for in-vehicle communication. To connect the PC to these networks, ETAS is using IXXAT PC interface cards with the related IXXAT LINUX-drivers.