Case Studies

Fortress Interlocks

Easy PROFIsafe integration for Fortress Interlocks

How Fortress Interlocks integrated functional safety communication into their amGardpro series by using industrial communication solutions from HMS.

The TÜV pre-certification has certainly been a big help for us.
Rob Johnson
Fortress Interlocks Ltd.
How it works
Fortress Interlocks decided to implement the IXXAT Safe T100 from HMS – an integrated safety module which controls safe I/O signals. The IXXAT Safe T100 works together with the Anybus CompactCom communication module, also from HMS. The Anybus CompactCom is used to handle the unsafe network communication while safe I/O signals pass through the CompactCom (using the black channel principle) to the IXXAT Safe T100.
“The amGardpro solutions with PROFINET look exactly the same as our regular hardwired solutions, except for the fact that you have a PROFINET interface. This makes it very easy for the customer to simply plug in and use the solution,” says Rob Johnson.