Case Studies


Embedded system enables mobile data transfer from cars

During the Conticabana driving event, approximately 2,300 international guests experienced the importance of tire pressure. Data from the cars were retrieved using IXXAT FRC-EP190 and FRC-EP170.
The time schedule was perfectly met and the interaction of the components with the designated vehicle was perfect. In numbers, it was 20 man-months compared to 80 man-months which would have been required without the IXXAT solutions.
Nels von Schnakenburg, Section Manager of Technical Event Management
Continental AG

At the driving station “Under Pressure,” Continental presented a simulation where a vehicle in front lost its cargo and the test driver had to brake and take evasive action. Different tire pressures were measured and recorded and the data was transmitted wirelessly from the test car to a server and analyzed online.

How it works
The data required for the demonstration was extracted by the IXXAT FlexRay-to-CAN gateways with adjusted configuration and analysis tools in the vehicle. The date was then transmitted wirelessly to be processed and visualized externally.