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Hydrogen Electric Racing Car

Ixxat CAN communications hardware and software provided the Forze team with communications between the race car’s systems and the teams engineers, as well as analysis tools for understanding the cars performance data.
As the speed and complexity of our next generation hydrogen electric race car increases, our need for more advanced communication protocols increases as well. This is why the CAN FD technology of Ixxat/HMS Networks is the perfect fit for us!
Winter Oostwoud
Forze Hydrogen Racing

Ixxat CAN Solutions – Helping the Forze team to “Pole Position”

How HMS Ixxat CAN Solutions helped the Forze racing team develop a world beating hydrogen powered race car.

The world of transportation is changing. Not since the launch of the first mass produced and affordable internal combustion engine powered cars has the world seen such a huge shift in technology.

One thing that seems certain is that electricity will be at the heart of this move to clean transportation and the team at Forze racing believe that hydrogen technology will provide the electrical energy that powers this change. Forze is a multi-discipline team of students from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The Forze project is open to students from a wide range of areas from Marketing through to Engineering and of course, drivers!

The Hydrogen Powered Race Car
The team started its journey in the “Formula Zero” racing series, building, and racing hydrogen powered karts for 3 years before moving on to the “Formula Student” competition. 2 years later work started on building the Forze VI, their first full sized hydrogen powered race car. In 2015 this amazing car lapped the Nürburgring Nordschleife in less than 11 minutes, setting a record for hydrogen powered vehicles...

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