Case Studies


Power up!

Super B batteries use IXXAT USB-to-CAN and IXXAT protocol software to handle communication between lithium ion batteries and a battery management system.
The support from Twincomm and HMS has been quick and efficient which has been important for us.
M.H. Doornekamp, CEO
Super B

As the world is trying to get rid of fossil fuels and migrate to greener energy sources such as sun and wind, one of the key issues is where to store the generated power. Batteries have long been the weak link in the chain, but as the demand increases so does the development of battery technology. One of the companies driving battery technology forward is Dutch battery innovators Super B. IXXAT CAN technology enables Super B in the Netherlands to get even more power out of their state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries.

How it works
The Super B Battery Management System has the groundbreaking capability to be able to adapt the balancing according to the battery charge and discharge current, as well as balancing individual batteries if they are connected in series via CAN-bus. The system is also used to monitor the batteries’ state, calculate and report secondary data, protect the battery, control its environment, and balance it. This is done by transmitting battery alarms and information to the CAN interface so it can be viewed on a PC. The system makes it possible to handle overvoltage, under voltage, deep discharge, overcharge and temperature control as well as complete battery performance history.