Case Studies


Racing cars go wireless!

IXXAT CANblue II is used to read diagnostic data from a racing car wirelessly.
It has certainly helped our racing team to get quicker and easier diagnostics.
Thilo Becker, Project Engineer Hardware
Speeding Scientists Siegen
The University of Siegen in Central Germany has been racing in Formula Student since 2009. About 30-40 students devote their extracurricular time to the project every year and in 2011, they presented their first electric-powered racing car. The cars have to go through rigorous testing before, during and after the race. To get the diagnostics from the CAN-based electrical systems in the car, the Speeding Scientists found the IXXAT USB to CAN product. With this tool, they were able to get data about the performance of the frequency inverter, the water pumps and the other electrical components inside the car at each pit stop.