Case Studies

Sensys Gatso Group

Traffic cameras – CAN communication via Bluetooth

IXXAT CANblue II is used to enable wireless Bluetooth communication between radar boxes and traffic cameras.
The CANblue II was the only wireless solution that could handle the 60 meters we needed.
Enrico Damen, Manager Engineering
Sensys Gatso Group


Traffic cameras have proven to be a very effective way to lower speed and decrease traffic violations. We may not like them, but we can’t say they’re not effective. The Sensys Gatso Group in the Netherlands is a leading manufacturer of traffic cameras and is constantly using new, innovative technology to improve their systems. One example of such technology is the IXXAT CANblue II from HMS Industrial Networks which makes it possible to photograph red light offenders from the rear.


How it works

The radar box, which is positioned at the traffic light detects if a car crosses the white stop line at the traffic light. If that happens, a signal is sent from the radar box to the camera that it is time to take a picture. The signals are sent via two IXXAT CANblue II units inside the radar box and camera in a split second.