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VxWorks Driver for IXXAT PC/CAN Interfaces

by User Not Found | Apr 14, 2015

HMS now supports a wide range of its IXXAT PC/CAN interfaces with a driver package for the real-time operating system VxWorks (6.9.3), developed by WindRiver.

Besides the development of standard Windows applications based upon the proven IXXAT VCI driver, time-critical automation applications that require a real-time-capable CAN coupling can be implemented based upon the IXXAT ECI driver for Linux, Intime, QNX, RTX and new VxWorks.

150902 IXXAT VxWorks Drivers

For VxWorks, the micro-controller architectures and processors from Intel are supported. At present, these are Intel Core, Intel Core 2, Celeron (Core) and Celerom M (Merom), as well as Pentium Dual-Core (Allendale/Merom) and Xeon (Core).

Currently, the VxWorks driver supports the new USB-to-CAN V2 interfaces and the CAN-IB interfaces for PCIe, PCIe Mini, PCIe 104 and the PCI-04 PCI card.

To afford the greatest possible flexibility, the ECI driver makes a uniform application interface available to the user, making it possible to switch between the various interfaces without adapting the application.

With the new ECI version, the IXXAT CAN interfaces are now even more easily deployed in complex applications, such as medical technology and aeronautical engineering.