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Industrial Ethernet Connection for PCs with Multi-Protocol-Support

by User Not Found | Sep 02, 2015

In the new IXXAT INpact HMS merges the proven Anybus technology with years of IXXAT know-how in the PC interface card area. The result is an efficient PCIe card with multi-protocol support for numerous industrial Ethernet standards and a uniform protocol and card-spanning application programming interface.

Until now, it has been complicated to develop PC-based measurement, visualisation or service applications for several Industrial Ethernet standards since different interface cards and application programming interfaces had to be used for each protocol.

The new IXXAT INpact is the solution to this. Based on proven Anybus and IXXAT technologies, HMS offers a PCIe card in standard and low-profile formats which supports all leading industrial Ethernet standards. Users can easily connect their PC-based slave application to EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET IRT/RT, Powerlink and standard TCP/IP by using the IXXAT INpact. Through the uniform driver concept, the customer can switch between protocols quickly and without extensive programming and also profit from future protocol extensions and developments.

150902 IXXAT INpact

IXXAT INpact stands for Multiprotocol PC Interface for Real time Ethernet

The network solution of IXXAT INpact is based on the Anybus CompactCom technology used within millions of automation devices globally. Used in combination with a flexible FPGA-based PCIe bus connection, the efficient Anybus NP40 network processor has all functions required to process the communication between the Industrial Ethernet network and the PC-based customer application. With low latency times and a deterministic real-time behavior it is perfect for demanding industrial applications. The 2-port Ethernet interface (10/100 Mbit, RJ45s), supports protocol specific switch functions –­ such as IRT for PROFINET, DLR for EtherNet/IP and Hub for Powerlink.

The Common Ethernet flash-update feature enables the user to download any industrial Ethernet protocol without switching cards in a quick and cost-efficient manner, which makes the IXXAT INpact an extremely future-proof and adaptable interface for all types of applications.

Ready to be connected to customer applications
Thanks to the NP40 multi-protocol processor, the FPGA-based concept and the uniform driver interface, the IXXAT INpact is the ideal choice for numerous applications – ranging from HMI systems to process visualization and service tools up to measurement, analysis and test systems.

The IXXAT INpact comes with a comprehensive driver package for Windows, enabling simple and rapid development of customer-specific applications. Thanks to the uniform application programming interface, it is possible to switch between industrial Ethernet protocols without changing the customer software, which leads to increased flexibility and a reduction in terms of development costs.

A driver for Linux is in the roadmap and real-time operating systems such as RTX, Intime, VxWorks and QNX are supported upon request. Furthermore, the IXXAT INpact will soon be available for the PCI bus and for mini PCIe.