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SAE J1939 implementation made easy with new IXXAT software package

by User Not Found | Sep 02, 2015

New IXXAT protocol software V3 – now with MISRA-C:2012
conformity and J1939-82 compatibility tested

With the IXXAT SAE J1939 protocol software package, HMS offers a platform-independent solution for developing SAE J1939-compatible devices. The software package makes all mechanisms and functions defined in the SAE J1939 specification available, so that the developer can concentrate fully on programming his specific application. Apart from the SAE J1939 basic package, also expansions for NMEA2000, ISO15765-2 and diagnostics applications are offered.

150902 IXXAT SAE J1939 Protocol Software

New 3.0 version with MISRA-C:2012 conformity and J1939-82 compatibility

Based on the MISRA-C programming standard of the automotive industry (MISRA = Motor Industry Software Reliability Association), programs can be written securely, whereby they can also be used in applications that are relevant for safety. The MISRA-C conformity of the IXXAT software now allows its use in areas subject to the MISRA-C requirement.
Since the software is tested for J1939-82 conformity, it will be easier for users who subject their devices to a compliance test.

Universal use
The software, which is already in use in many applications, is available as single or multi-channel variant in source code (ANSI-C) with C-application examples and a detailed user manual. This makes implementing the software quick, easy and affordable on a wide range of microcontroller systems. 

Complete package for implementation, configuration and analysis
Beside the actual protocol software, HMS also offers further components for successful SAE J1939 implementation, such as the SAE J1939 API, the SAE J1939 Module, and the SAE J1939 Designer.

The SAE J1939 API is a programming interface which makes it easy to develop SAE J1939 applications on a Windows-based PC. The J1939 Module – as an expansion of the canAnalyser analysis tool – permits analysis of the communication during development, commissioning, and troubleshooting.

The protocol software is configured using the IXXAT SAE J1939 Designer, a Windows tool for creation and maintenance of J1939 projects. The SAE J1939 Designer enables central definition of all parameters in the form of XML files.

These can then be used to generate C-header files and application templates for the J1939 protocol software, as well as for generating configuration files for the SAE J1939 API and the SAE J1939 canAnalyser Module. This way, data consistency between the applications is guaranteed.