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EtherNet/IP Software - New Version 4.6.0

by User Not Found | Feb 09, 2016


A new version 4.6.0 of the EtherNet/IP software is available for the following products:

- EtherNet/IP Adapter DLL Kit (EIPA)
- EtherNet/IP Adapter Developers' Kit (EADK)
- EtherNet/IP Scanner DLL Kit (EIPS)
- EtherNet/IP Scanner Developers' Kit (ESDK)

The software packages comprise bugfixes and enhanced functionality. They are prepared for the actual revision CT-13 of ODVA EtherNet/IP Protocol Conformance Test as of December 9, 2015.
Customers under valid maintenance contract will get the software free of charge and unsolicited for download.

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