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New CAN cards for XMC and PMC add to existing range of IXXAT CAN interfaces

by User Not Found | Jul 10, 2018

With the new IXXAT CAN-IB 210/XMC and IXXAT CAN-IB 410/PMC, HMS offers two new CAN cards, especially suitable for use in test systems and measurement applications.

HMS offers a wide range of PC/CAN interfaces for all common PC interface technologies, from plug-in boards to USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth. Two new versions for XMC and PMC are now available within the "CAN-IB" plug-in board series, besides the well-established versions for PCI, PCIe, PCIe Mini and PCIe 104.

New CAN interfaces for XMC and PMC systems 

Technical highlights
The new XMC and PMC cards can be equipped with up to four CAN high-speed channels and support the CAN low-speed (fault tolerant) standard. Furthermore, the interfaces can be equipped with up to four LIN interfaces. As an option, all channels are available with a galvanic isolation. This flexibility is made possible by a verified and tested concept consisting of piggyback extensions and expansion cards. The modular architecture of the cards also allows easy extension via customer-specific interfaces.

Both the XMC and PMC card feature a powerful 32-bit microcontroller system. This enables intelligent handling and active filtering of the messages being sent and received to the card – a feature that comes in handy particularly in applications with high demands for data pre-processing.

All CAN-IB cards are supported not only by the IXXAT Windows driver packages (VCI), but also the real-time driver packages (ECI for Linux, RTX, Intime, QNX, VxWorks). Similarly, the IXXAT APIs for CANopen and SAE J1939 support the interfaces. For the analysis of CAN and LIN networks, HMS offers the IXXAT canAnalyser – a powerful Windows-based analysis tool.