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CODESYS support for Ixxat PC/CAN interfaces

by User Not Found | Jun 04, 2019
HMS Networks today announces that CODESYS Control Win SL from 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH now supports the Ixxat® PC/CAN interfaces from HMS.

The Ixxat PC/CAN interface portfolio from HMS Networks is available for all common PC interface standards, such as USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, PCIe, PCIe Mini and PCIe 104. Now, this comprehensive range of interfaces is directly supported by CODESYS.

The library required for operation is included within CODESYS version or newer. In addition to the CODESYS installation, only a VCI-V4 driver installation is required to use all Ixxat PC/CAN interfaces under CODESYS. The VCI-V4 driver can be downloaded for free from the Ixxat website.

Using the integrated library, it becomes very easy to access the CAN bus via CODESYS Control Win SL controller applications. For accessing the CAN network, the user can choose between different Ixxat hardware solutions, e.g. a compact Ixxat PCIe Mini CAN interface, which is integrated directly in the controller application, or an external Ixxat CAN interface, which is accessed via USB or Ethernet.

In addition, the Ixxat PC/CAN interfaces can be used with the CODESYS CANopen Master and CODESYS CANopen Slave application, or with any other CAN RAW application on the CODESYS Control Win SL controller.