Car simulator driven by IXXAT

ETAS uses IXXAT PC interface boards to enable communication between their LABCAR HiL test system and different Electronic Control Units (ECUs).
We have not had a single quality issue with the IXXAT PC interfaces in ten years, which is a good proof of the quality we expect and that we deliver to our customers.
Henrik Jakoby, Product Manager
ETAS GmbH in Germany is well-known in the automotive business for their LABCAR solution – a powerful test system that simulates the behavior of a car, enabling users to test brakes, gearboxes, speed controls, and other electronic car systems in a controlled environment. ETAS is using IXXAT PC interface boards for connectivity to the CAN and LIN buses used by the car systems.

How it works
LABCAR is a complete solution including a real-time PC as well as the software which enables the simulation. To communicate with the ECUs, the PC needs access to analog and digital I/Os as well as the networks used by the different ECUs. CAN and LIN are the most important standards for in-vehicle communication. To connect the PC to these networks, ETAS is using IXXAT PC interface cards with the related IXXAT LINUX-drivers.