Efficient data collection accelerates electric vehicle development

Ixxat provides an efficient interface for data capture from electric vehicles’ CAN systems.

Originally we used a number of different ways to collect data from our drive systems, but once we started using Ixxat we quickly came to see its advantages.
Phil Eagleton (Managing Director)

Efficient data collection accelerates electric vehicle development

With interest in the development of electric vehicles at an all-time high, one company has identified the Ixxat USB-to-CAN V2 interface as perhaps the best way to download operational data for analysis.

About Voltsport

In fact Voltsport started out supplying drives to the marine market, mainly to the racing fraternity who preferred electric propulsion to heavier, slower diesel engines. However it has grown its land-based business alongside the growth of electric vehicle developments, and this now represents the majority of its work.
Setting up electric drives for vehicle applications can be very challenging, because of the wide range of performance expected of them, as Phil explains: “Motors driving say industrial plant tend to work in a stable environment and are required to perform only a small number of different duty cycles – which are predictable and therefore easily modelled. However a vehicle drive will have to run equally well on the coldest winter morning and the hottest day of the year; be able to go uphill and down; run under a wide range of loads, operate comfortably at a number of different set speeds and offer a wide range of acceleration and deceleration profiles.”

The Application
Electric vehicles’ motor controllers work hard in real time to give the smooth driving required and there is a lot of data to be analysed during commissioning. This data is broadcast at high rates from the controllers and stored for processing on the host PC. After performance analysis, we adjust tuning of settings to improve performance. Visualising data in this way really helps the customer understand their vehicle...

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