Multi-network connection via Ixxat INpact

Robotics specialist Yaskawa is using the Ixxat INpact from HMS to connect robots with higher-level systems. Yaskawa offers industry-leading, high-speed industrial robots for various fields of application. For integration into customer environments, different fieldbus networks have to be supported – this is the point where the Ixxat INpact from HMS comes into action.
Mats Martinsson
The challenge
Yaskawa’s robots are used in various industries and countries. Depending on region and application, customers use different fieldbus standards in their plants, forcing Yaskawa to support them all to enable seamless interconnection between the robot/controller and the customer’s higher-level system. 
For a new controller generation with PCIe slots, Yaskawa was looking for a board enabling easy implementation of a slave fieldbus interface for many different standards. A common API and real-time drivers should allow fast implementation into the controller and enable switching of the fieldbus standard without the need for time and money consuming adaptation of the application...