Building Automation

Data communication and remote access solutions for your building automation systems.

Solutions for Building Automation

For networking elevator components and connecting different building systems to a control center more and more frequently CAN and Industrial Ethernet-based communication solutions are used. Specifically for these areas, HMS offers proven topology and interface component solutions that provide simple implementation and reliable operation.

In addition to our product range, we also offer OEM solutions for our products or develop completely customized hardware and software on behalf of our customers. An overview of our services can be found under  Tech Services 
Applications for Building Automation

Building Automation Samples:

Building Automation Application Sample Stacks

Bus connection of your embedded components

Ixxat Protocol Software packages and APIs enable easy and fast networking of your devices. This includes the connection of any building component to all common fieldbus and industrial Ethernet standards as well as the access of PC-based control applications to these systems – from the interconnection of small sensors in revolving doors to the interconnection of complete ventilation systems to main control centers.

Ixxat Protocol SW / APIs

Building Automation Application Sample Topology

Interconnection and protection

Ixxat Repeaters, Bridges and Gateways extend the possibilities of networking. They enable systems with a high number of nodes, save costs through simple wiring and provide a galvanic protection for network segments. Gateway solutions also enable coupling of systems as well as PC-based control access via Ethernet or Bluetooth.

Ixxat CAN Repeater Ixxat CAN Bridges / Gateways

Further products for building automation...

Topology Components

Network to Network Gateways
Easily interconnect your building automation systems and devices – over 200 different network combinations supported

Anybus X-gateway

Wireless Bridges
Easy bridging of industrial Ethernet networks or connecting serial devices

Anybus Wireless Bridge

BACnet to Modbus Gateway
BACnet to Modbus Gateway
Connecting devices with a Modbus-RTU or Modbus TCP interface

Anybus BACnet/Modbus Gateway

Anybus M-Bus to Modbus Gateway
M-Bus to Modbus-TCP Gateway
Decodes M-Bus telegrams for easy overview and mapping of meter values

Anybus M-Bus/Modbus-TCP GW

Anybus Modbus to BACnet Gateway

Allows Modbus slave devices to communicate on a BACnet network

Modbus to BACnet Gateway

Anybus Modbus to KNX Gateway

Allows Modbus slave devices to communicate on a KNX network

Modbus to KNX Gateway

Network Connection and PC Interfaces

Easy network connection for your
devices via Chip, Brick or Module

supporting all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks

Anybus CompactCom

PC Interfaces

PC-based control and configuration of your building automation systems – for fieldbus and industrial Ethernet

Ixxat PC Interfaces

Remote Management and Test Tools

eWON Remote Management Solutions
Remote monitoring
and control

of your building systems - anytime, anyplace


Intensis Home
Smart Air Conditioning
Connection of air conditioning to the Internet of things!

IntesisHome WiFi Air Controller


for analyzing of network traffic and physics as well as network and device configuration

Ixxat Tools

Case Studies

  • CANatNet-for-Lift-Applications

    Safe elevators with IXXAT technology

    The IXXAT CAN@net NT 200 enables easy remote access to CAN-based control systems via Ethernet. Remote monitoring helps to optimize the maintenance plan so that improper use, operating errors, deterioration, etc. can be considered accordingly.


More solutions from HMS for Building and HVAC

"The Connected Building"

Take a look at this cross-brand solution page from HMS. Here you can see all solutions that HMS provide for Building and HVAC connected from one page!

Featuring Solutions from Anybus, IXXAT, eWON & Intesis

  • Remote Access
  • Remote management & IIOT connectivity
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Building to Building solutions 
  • Factory to Building gateways
  • Network to Network gateways


The Connected Building

The Connected Building