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Proven and reliable products for networking medical devices and systems.

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Medical Industry

Complex medical devices consist of a variety of components that must be networked. Beside requiring modularity and expandability, the medical sector has specific demands for safety, reliability and quality of the components. Ixxat products consistently meet these requirements and are currently implemented in a variety of medical devices from different, well known, medical device manufacturers.

In addition to our product range, we also offer OEM solutions of our products or develop completely customized hardware and software on behalf of our customers. An overview of our services can be found under  Tech Services 

Medical Technology Applications
Medical Application Sample PC Interfaces

Medical Application Samples:

PC based system management

Our PC CAN interfaces are conform to the electrical requirements of IEC60601-1 and enable the connection of your PC based application to CAN or other fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks. Using e.g. our CANopen Master API drivers you can easily control your medical plant via PC or assemble medical data for further evaluation.

Ixxat PC CAN Interfaces

Further products for medical applications...

Topology Components

Interconnect your medical devices
Network to network gateways with over 200 different network combinations to choose from

Anybus X-gateway


Line protection and bridging for CAN
Save costs due to simple wiring and increased system reliability

Ixxat CAN Repeater
Ixxat CAN Bridges / Gateways

Wireless conection for your medical components
Easy bridging of industrial Ethernet networks or connecting serial devices

Anybus Wireless Bridge

Network Connection and Tools

Easy network connection for your devices via Chip, Brick or Module

for all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks

Anybus CompactCom

Protocol software and APIs for direct implementation into medical devices

Highly flexible embedded or PC-based implementation of higher layer protocols

Ixxat Protocol SW / APIs

Development and trouble-shooting tools

for analyzing of network traffic and physics as well as network and device configuration

Ixxat Tools

Case Studies

  • PC-Interfaces-for-Medical-Applications

    PC CAN Interfaces for medical applications

    IXXAT PC/CAN interfaces enable easy connection of medical devices from different manufacturers with a common control unit. The use of a standardized bus system such as CANopen saves development costs, enables universal and scalable use of components and also considerably reduces the number of cables.