Power Generation and Management

Robust and proven components for your distributed energy management solutions.

Solutions for Power Generation and Energy Management

Whether wind turbines, photovoltaics or hydropower, fieldbus and Ethernet based communication is used for the control of these systems which are distributed over large distances. The required repeaters, bridges and gateways as well as the interface boards used for connection to the control center need to fulfill demanding requirements in terms of overvoltage protection and reliability.

In addition, modern Smart Grid communication requires specific protocol support, e.g. IEC61850 and IEC60870-5-104, which is provided by the new Ixxat SG-gateway family from HMS. Our products are used successfully in these applications and have been proven robust and reliable for many years.

Besides our standard products, we also offer OEM solutions or develop completely customized hardware and software on behalf of our customers. An overview of our services can be found under  Tech Services

Power Generation and Management Application Samples

Power Management Application Sample Topology

Networking of distributed systems

Solar energy or wind power plants are often divided into smaller system groups. For the interconnection of these systems and the connection to the central control unit, Ixxat Bridges and Gateways are used. Ixxat components enable e.g. the wireless coupling of systems groups or to connect systems over large distances by using Ethernet.

Ixxat CAN Repeater Ixxat CAN Bridges / Gateways

Managing Smart Grid communication with IXXAT SG-gateways

Allow industrial equipment to communicate
with smart power grids

Ixxat SG-gateways are designed for Smart Grid communication and specifically target Demand Response and Virtual Power Plant applications. All gateways support the special communication protocols used in the energy sector, e.g. IEC60870-5-104 and IEC61850s. 

Ixxat SG-gateways

Further products for energy management applications...

Network Infrastructure

Network to Network Gateways
Over 200 different network combinations to choose from

Anybus X-gateway

Wireless Bridges
Easy bridging of industrial Ethernet networks or connecting serial devices

Anybus Wireless Bridge

PC Interfaces, Tools and Protocol Software

PC Interfaces

Fieldbus and industrial Ethernet connection for your PC, either to control or to analyze your systems

Ixxat PC Interfaces


for analyzing of network traffic and physics as well as network and device configuration

Ixxat Tools

Protocol Software
and APIs

Highly flexible embedded or PC-based implementation of higher layer protocols

Ixxat Protocol SW / APIs

Remote Management

eWON Remote Management Solutions
Remote monitoring
and control

of your energy systems - anytime, anyplace


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