Products and services for Local Interconnect Network based development and testing.

HMS products and services enable you to...

  • connect your PC to LIN for analysis, configuration and control
  • interconnect LIN and CAN systems
What is LIN?
LIN Products and Services
LIN Gateway

Interconnect your LIN devices

The LIN2CAN is a powerful gateway with various operation modes:

  • LIN-CAN Gateway as LIN Master or LIN Slave
  • LIN-Slave Emulation
  • LIN-Master-Slave Emulation
  • LIN-PC Interface

LIN2CAN gateway

LIN PC Interface

Connect your PC to LIN

IXXAT PC Interfaces enable the easy connection of your PC to LIN systems and devices.

  • Available for various standards (USB, PCIe, PCIe 104, PCI, PMC...)
  • For analysis, test and control

IXXAT PC Interfaces

CAN Tools

Analyze and Configure

We offer a wide range of tools for your development, system commissioning and for trouble-shooting.

  • canAnalyser – easily analyse, transmit and log your LIN, CAN and CAN FD messages

canAnalyser for CAN, CAN FD and LIN

What is LIN?

LIN is a low-priced serial communication system that was specially developed for cross-linking simple electronic assemblies in automobiles. LIN is particularly useful in areas where simple sensors and actuators are to be networked but where the efficiency of CAN (Controller Area Network) is not required.
Generally the sub-systems connected with LIN (e.g. doors, seats, steering wheel) are connected to higher order CAN-based networks (body, chassis). This provides simple access for CAN-based diagnostic and service tools.