Intelligent networking of devices

CANnector – Your versatile CAN (FD) logging, bridging and gateway solution. Ready to use out of the box, but also highly adaptable to your specific requirements.

Ixxat CANnector

The all in one solution for logging, bridging, gateway and data evaluation.

Bridge different networks

Interconnect devices
and networks

Enable remote access and long distance connections

Enable remote access and
long distance connections

Perform data logging

Log your data for evaluation
and monitoring purposes

Easily combine functions

Combine all functions
and add more...

Make it your device

Make it your device with
C user code functions

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  • Bridging of CAN, CAN FD, EtherCAT and LIN data
  • Frame or signal based operation (based on imported bus description files)
  • Forwarding individual messages and/or signals
  • Modification of message ID and content

Gateway &
Range extension

  • Range extension via Ethernet or WiFi (optional module required) using two CANnector devices
  • Remote access to the network
  • For CAN, CAN FD, LIN and EtherCAT data
  • Forwarding individual messages and/or signals
  • Modification of message ID and content


Data logging

  • Logging of CAN, CAN FD, LIN, EtherCAT and IO data
  • Powerful trigger and filter settings
  • Ringbuffer for pre-trigger recording
  • Signal based logging
  • Low power sleep mode and switch-on on CAN(FD)
  • Data storage on USB memory, PC or cloud
  • Remote device management

Flexible operation
and cloud connection

  • Simultaneous execution of the bridge, gateway and logger function in one device at the same time
  • Easy configuration and customization via ACT tool
  • Add cloud connection for additional data aggregation and visualization (OPC UA, HMS-HUB)

Rich manipulation possibilities
by user specific code functions

  • Add own C user code for signal and data manipulation
  • Integrated development tool
  • Standalone execution on the CANnector
  • Integrated remote debugging feature

See how our customers use the CANnector in their applications

CANnector for automated storage systems

Sample application

Monitoring of a material filling and picking system in a high-bay warehouse for chemical products

When storing chemical products, access to the fully automated high-bay systems is often only possible with a protective suit and by observing special protective measures. To avoid system failures and time-consuming checks, the data from the CAN-based systems are permanently recorded and centrally monitored.

Via its gateway function, the CANnector makes the preprocessed data available to a central control system. In parallel, the data is continuously recorded in the device and used as a reference in the event of any later analysis.

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Sample application

Predictive maintenance of reachstackers

The mechanical components and wear parts of large reachstackers, such as those used for loading and unloading trains and ships, are subjected to very high loads. To keep downtimes of the vehicles, caused by damaged components, as low as possible, data – such as time of use, mileage, acceleration and speed – are read from the vehicle's CAN system, pre-processed and stored locally. Via Wi-Fi, the system cyclically exchanges the data with a control system, enabling central monitoring of the vehicles and predictive maintenance.

The CANnector combines data storage and preprocessing as well as the possibility of Wi-Fi connection in one device, making it an inexpensive and easy-to-implement solution for this and similar applications. 

CANnector within reachstacker application

CANnector in modern e-bus systems

Sample application

Data recording in modern E-buses

Buses of the latest generation with electric drive are monitored and optimized in real operation. For this purpose, the data of the CAN networked components are recorded and read out for evaluation by the operator or manufacturer. The stored driving, engine, and battery data enable further optimization of the existing system as well as the acquisition of information that is crucial for the development of new and better systems.

With its interfaces and data preprocessing capability, CANnector is the ideal logger for this type of application.

Off the shelf or tailor-made

Use the CANnector either out of the box or easily adapt it to your needs

Quick and easy upload of basic configuration

Using one of the pre-defined configuration files for logging, bridging and range extension, the user can easily upload the desired application or switch to another application – e.g. making a range-extender out of a bridge. The pre-defined configuration allows a quick start without additional configuration effort.

Highly adaptable for your specific needs

Besides the pre-configuration settings, CANnector can be configured with the "Advanced Configuration Tool (ACT)" to run various functions in parallel – e.g. logger and bridge – and to perform data pre-processing. This can be the filtering and mapping of data, the definition of pre- and post triggers for data logging or even the execution of own C user code via an integrated development and debug environment. The support of bus description files also enables operation on signal level.

All this can be done easily via the included configuration tool and the intuitive to operate drag-and-drop concept – even by inexperienced users.



CANnector Configuration

Wide range of on-board interfaces...

Supported Interfaces



CANnector in 180 seconds

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Ready for more, ready for the future...

Build in Cloud and PLC connection

Cloud access
The CANnector offers numerous additional functions, which enable for example live data visualization and transmission via WiFi using mobile devices (smartphone or tablet), or cloud connectivity via OPC-UA and HMS Hub™ – HMS’ own solution for industrial data connectivity.

Easy connection to PLCs
Using the EtherCAT slave interface, CANnector enables a direct connection of CAN(FD)-based networks to industrial Ethernet networks or a PLC.

CANnector with cloud connection

Performant and versatile

CANnector is a DIN rail mountable device with many different communication interfaces. A powerful Linux platform allows CANnector to execute complex applications and data manipulations directly on the device. By using "Wake-up on CAN" and the possibility to switch off the TX function on the CAN buses, the device can be used in applications which are sensitive to power and safety.

CANnector is available in different hardware versions, which differ only in the number of supported interfaces. Besides CANnector Log, Range and Bridge, which are based on the CANnector S variant and come with a pre-configuration, also a CANnector L variant with additional CAN and CAN FD interfaces and a CANnector SE/LE variant with EtherCAT is offered. USB extensions like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available as an option.

Product name Galvanic
CAN interfacers
CAN/CAN-FD interfaces
LIN EtherCAT (slave) Digital in/out Ethernet 10/100
CANnector Log
yes 4 2 2 0 2 1
CANnector Range
yes 4
2 2 0 2 1
CANnector Bridge
yes 4
2 2 0 2 1
CANnector L yes
4 2 0 2 1
CANnector SE (with EtherCAT) yes
2 2 1 2 1
CANnector LE (with EtherCAT) yes
4 2 1 2 1


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CANnector Log

with basic configuration
for logging

CANnector Range / Bridge

with basic configuration
for bridge and range extender

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