For a more flexible networking and increased
communication reliability in CAN and CAN FD systems.

Ixxat repeaters are established successfully in many different application areas, whether in test benches for communication networks or in production systems. Using repeaters, network segments or components can be galvanically isolated, long drop-lines or tree/star topologies can be implemented and the robustness and reliability of the network can be increased.
If you want to expand the distances you should use one of Bridge/Gateway/Router solutions.

CAN / CAN FD Repeaters
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Increase reliability

CAN and CAN FD repeaters increase your system reliability with almost no influence on the real-time behavior.


For harsh environments

Decouple CAN or CAN FD segments galvanically with up to 4 kV or use variants with fiber optics.


Simplified networking

Repeaters enable star and tree topologies as well as large drop lines. 


CAN / CAN FD repeater with screw terminals
and fiber optic connector

The CAN-CR110/FO is used for galvanic isolation of two segments of a CAN / CAN FD network. As a special feature, the repeater separates a defective segment from the rest of the network, allowing the remaining network to continue working. After the fault has been eliminated, the segment is automatically switched back to the network. The galvanic isolation is provided for the CAN / CAN FD segments as well as for the power supply.

Order codes: 1.01.0210.11020, 1.01.0210.11220

CAN-CR110-FO CAN-FD-Repeater

Features and Benefits

  • Fiber optic enables transmission in areas with high electromagnetic disturbances
  • CAN and CAN FD interfaces in one device
  • Cost savings due to simple wiring
  • Increased system reliability
  • Almost no influence on real-time behavior

Contents of delivery

  • CAN-CR110/FO
  • User manual

Technical specifications

Display Transmit and defective segment (two duo LEDs, one for
each segment), Power (one LED)
CAN bus interface ISO 11898-2 with CAN choke. Two screw terminals.
CAN variant available with and without integrated CAN termination.
CAN bitrates Up to 1 Mbit/s
CAN FD bus interface ISO CAN FD and nonISO CAN FD
CAN FD bitrates Arbitration rate up to 1000 kBit/s, data rate up to 8000 kbit/s. The data rates are verified by tests. User-defined bit rates are possible.
Attention: The maximum data rate can be exceeded depending on the concrete operating conditions (cable length, settings made, remote stations,...), but it can also not be reached.
Delay typ. 300 ns (corresponds to ~60 m bus length) between the wire
connection of a FO Repeater through the fiber optic cable to the wire
connection of a second FO Repeater (not including the signal delay
time of the fiber optics, which is ~5 ns/m)
FO transmitter Broadcom HFBR 1404Z, 820 nm
FO receiver Broadcom HFBR 2402Z, 820 nm
FO line  F-SMA connector; Multi-mode fiber optic line (only glass); recommended:
50/125 µm, 62,5/125 µm, also compatible with: 100/140 µm,
200 µm (pay attention to max. line length)
Max. line length between
two FO repeaters
50/125 µm: 1500 m, 62,5/125 µm: 2000 m
Power supply 9-36 V DC, typ. 70 mA, max. 100 mA, through terminals
Galvanic isolation 1 kV DC / 1 sec, 500 V AC / 1 min; CAN 1, CAN 2 and
power supply are galvanically isolated from each other.
Certification CE, FCC
Temperature range  -20 ºC ... +70 ºC
Housing, size Plastic enclosure, 22.5 x 105 x 120 mm

Order number

1.01.0210.11020 CAN-CR110/FO, with bus termination resistor
1.01.0210.11220 CAN-CR110/FO, without bus termination resistor

Application examples – How repeaters are used

Expand pure bus topologies by droplines or
setup tree and star structures

Repeaters for star and tree topologies

Protect your test bench from harsh environments 
using repeaters with galvanic isolation
(e.g. battery or high voltage test benches)

Bridging of large distances

Interconnect networks in harsh environments
via fiber optic connection

Repeaters for galvanic isolation


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