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Fields of Application

Continental AG

FRC-EP 190 enables data exchange between car and test system

During Continental’s Conticabana Driving Event, approx. 2,300 international 
guests experienced performance of different tires and tire pressure.


The performance of different tires should be measured, recorded and online visualized. For this, the data generated on the test track was wireless transmitted from the passengers inside the car. At the end of the test drive, the complete recording was transferred to a server, where it was used for a detailed analysis and comparison. 

Ixxat solution

FRC-EP190 and FRC-EP170 in conjunction with the gateway configuration software Ixxat ACT using the following functions: 

  • Data logger
  • Gateway
  • Wireless data visualization via websockets in a browser

Ixxat Case-Study Continental

Use Case Continental
Use Case Schaeffler

Schaeffler Engineering China

Connection of the test vehicle ECU with tablet PCs using Ixxat CANblue II

The Schaeffler Group is a globally active automotive and industrial supplier, offering components and systems for engine, transmission and chassis applications.


  • Wireless connection of ECU and tablet PC via Bluetooth to display vehicle data
  • Transmission of CAN data for analysis and monitoring

Ixxat solution

  • Ixxat CANblue II connected to the customer application running on an Android tablet

Ixxat Case-Study Schaeffler

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Use Case Bosch


Readout of vehicle data after a crash

Bosch is one of the largest automotive suppliers providing a solution to readout the vehicle data after a crash (CDR = Crash Data Retrieval). During driving, important vehicle parameters are stored in the airbag ECU. After a crash, this data can be read and used to pinpoint the reason for the crash. In case that the vehicle is hardly destroyed, the airbag ECU needs to be removed and brought to communication without the rest of the vehicle. 


  • FlexRay-to-CAN RBS/gateway enabling data retrieval after a vehicle crash

Ixxat Solution

FRC-EP170 as OEM version with modified interface compilation and pin assignment and the following functionality:

  • Gateway
  • FlexRay/CAN/Ethernet-Gateway
  • ISO TP (Transport Protocol)

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Use Case BRP


Ixxat CAN interface enables bus
access for diagnosis and configuration

Bombardier Recreational Products develops, builds and sells fun & sports vehicles, like Ski-doo, Sea-doo, CAN-AM (tri-bikes)...


  • PC interface which connects the PC-based diagnosis tool with the ECU of the vehicle/engine
  • Check error-memory, service & diagnostics

Ixxat solution

  • Ixxat USB-to-CAN V2, OEM version
  • Sold by Bombardier to their service centers

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Use Case ETAS


Ixxat PC interfaces enable communication
between LABCAR HiL test system and ECUs

ETAS GmbH is well-known for their LABCAR solution – a powerful test system that simulates the behavior of a car, enabling users to test brakes, gearboxes, speed controls, and other electronic car systems in a controlled environment.


  • Connection between LABCAR HiL test system and different Electronic Control Units (ECUs)
  • Communication via CAN and LIN with the requirement of a very low latency

Ixxat solution

  • Ixxat CAN-IB200/600/640/PCIe PC interface for CAN, CAN FD and LIN
  • ECI driver packages from Ixxat for Linux

Ixxat Case-Study ETAS



Use Case ZF


FRC platform used for fault prediction of gearboxes

ZF Friedrichshafen AG is one of the world's leading companies in the field of automated gearboxes for trucks and buses. These gearboxes need to be maintained regularly. The time between two maintenance actions depends on the usage of the vehicle. Identifying a potential fault before it really happens saves money and prevents a breakdown on the road.


  • Reading and logging diagnostic information of the gearbox unit during the normal operation
  • GPRS/GSM modem for worldwide device access from a server
  • Extraction of recorded data and usage for fault/breakdown prediction
  • Inform the vehicle user to drop in for a gearbox maintenance 
  • Used for buses and trucks

Ixxat Solution

  • FRC-EP170, OEM version
  • ZF application executed on the device
  • Additional functionality J2534 Passthru

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