Level 1

Using standard products
out of the HMS world

HMS supports its customer by using and combining different solutions from the various HMS brands with consulting and services. 

Combination of HMS products
Customized CANio 250

Level 2

Software adaptation of an existing Ixxat product

For a customer project, CAN signals of a vehicle had to be converted to digital frequencies in order to adapt a new CAN-based engine technology for commercial vehicles to our customer‘s solution.


  • Standard CANio250 in the PCB version
  • Firmware adaptation by HMS to meet customer requirements
  • Device with adapted firmware delivered directly to the customer

Level 3

Hardware adaptation for an existing Ixxat product

A customer was looking for a FlexRay-to-CAN gateway solution, but also had special requirements regarding interfaces and design. 95 % of the customer requirements could be covered with the standard  FRC-EP170 solution.


  • Modification of the standard FRC-EP170 regarding interface compilation and pin assignment
  • Brand-labeling of the housing
  • Customer-specific device version now delivered directly to the customer

Customized FRC-EP 170

Customized Development AZG 3000

Level 4

Completely custom designed product

HMS has been producing the display device AZG 2000 since several years for ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The device is used to display and analyze data from the electronic gear unit during test drives. Since new requirements could no longer be met, the device had to be replaced by a suitable successor. Several options were discussed based on existing IXXAT products, but the compatibility with existing applications with respect to the customers operating concept was not guaranteed.


  • Development of a new completely customized device (AZG3000)
  • Integration of existing partial solutions to achieve a downward compatibility and to minimize development costs and time
  • Device produced by HMS and delivered directly to the customer

Device specification:

  • Intelligent ARM CPU platform, flash and SDRAM memory
  • Real time operating system
  • 7" graphic display with touch-panel
  • Various interfaces: LIN, K-Line, FlexRay, CAN, Ethernet, USB