SG-gateway service offer

The Ixxat Energy Technical Services Team – always at your side!

We offer different service levels to fit your needs and assist you with our knowledge and expertise to
help you to finish your energy project successfully and quickly!

Ixxat Energy Solutions

Our technical assistance procedure

Three easy steps to the offer that meets your specific requirements.

First phone call

  • Provide an overview and technical details of the project
  • Clarification of the required number of data points
  • Clarification of further technical details, if necessary
  • Clarification of the required scope of support

Technical details

  • Provision of the necessary data by the customer
  • Data point list
  • Protocol parameters

Written offer

  • Listing of the agreed services
  • Listing of the agreed scope
  • Provision of the complete list of data points, if requested by the customer

Service levels

Our technical services team gives you
exactly the support you need.

Three different service levels help you maximizing speed and efficiency and gives you the possibility to estimate the steps needed to realize your application in detail before the project begins...

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
Level 1 Level 2
Level 3
30 minutes remote support for a quick start 
Support with technical problems
Remote support during integration of the fully configured device
Creation of the configuration for IEC61850 including the supply of the CID file
Creating the link between the data points and the PLC program
Establish the counterpart communication: IEC60870-5-104, Modbus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP

Supportive documents

For each SG-Gateway you find documents and instructions in the support area which support you during implementation and configuration.

  • Getting started guide
  • Protocol set-up manuals
  • Protocol specific information


  • Firmware update
  • Certificates
  • Technical documentation