Industrial and energy communication combined 


Industrial sites with a high energy demand often handle their energy distribution on their own premises. The communication network of the energy distribution is typically not connected to the control system of the industrial plant. Establishing such a connection with Ixxat SG-gateways enable real integrated energy, thus providing massive improvement of energy-efficiency and power quality resulting in higher product quality, less downtimes and significant cost savings.



Networking of industrial parks



Successfully completed projects with components of many different brands in critical infrastructure environments shows that our energy test lab, with equipment from many different vendors, just pays off.


Easy configuration

A user focused interface with no need for programming knowledge or external software makes this the perfect multitool in the field of communication within energy distribution applications.


Technical service

If you need help with the energy protocol configuration, our excellent technical service department is at your side during the whole project.

Ixxat SG-gateway – linking energy with industrial protocols!

Realize integrated energy

  • Realize all relevant data being directly available in all your networks – energy distribution control, back-up generator systems, process control, service tools and more
  • Retrofit any existing industrial or energy equipment to increase overall efficiency and availability

Reduced electricity costs and improved operational safety via load shedding

  • Reduction of consumption peaks through direct use of current energy data from IEDs in your industrial controller
  • Improved energy efficiency in process plants in the chemical, oil, steel and other industries with high energy demand
  • Emergency shutdown of energy components via the industrial control system – in order to disconnect specific plant components, the entire plant or even larger areas in the event of an accident
  • Improvement of plant reliability by adapting energy consumption to energy availability

Making machine and consumption data accessible from anywhere

  • Ixxat SG-gateways are the unique solution to combine industrial and energy networks to your cloud-solution, enabling real-time data monitoring, predictive maintenance but also direct connection of process and energy data with your accounting systems
  • Ixxat SG-gateways provide data from the industrial site and from energy equipment at the same time via OPC-UA or MQTT
  • The opposite way is also possible – commands are forwarded via OPC-UA to the connected components
  • To keep your data and network secure, the SG-gateways provide several security mechanisms including password protection, OpenVPN and TLS

Diagram - Networking of industrial parks


SG-gateway service offer

Based on our many years of experience in the field of energy and industrial communication we offer a comprehensive service portfolio to our customers.

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