CANnector Log/Range/Bridge

Versatile solution for CAN (FD) logging, bridging and range extension. Preconfigured and ready to use out of the box, but also easily adaptable to your specific requirements.

CAN infrastructure

Repeaters, bridges and gateways enable flexible networking of devices and systems.

Ixxat INpact Series

Versatile multi-protocol PC interface for fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet.

USB-to-CAN V2 series

Cost-effective solution for connecting your application to CAN (FD) and LIN. Perfect for analysis, configuration and service.

CAN FD Solutions

Products and services for the development and operation of CAN FD networks.

Ixxat products for machine communication

Ixxat industrial automation products enables networking of electronic components by using the latest fieldbus and industrial Ethernet technologies. We support our customers with hardware interfaces, tools and protocol software and offer customized OEM solutions and engineering services.

CAN Interfaces

PC Interfaces for CAN and CAN FD

Connect a PC or embedded System to CAN and CAN FD.

Product Overview
USB-to-CAN Series
PCIe Series

CAN Repeaters

CAN Repeaters

Increase system reliability and save wiring costs.

Product Overview
CAN-CR300 (4 channel)

Bridges & Gateways

CAN Gateways and Bridges

Flexible networking and system access.

Product Overview
Bluetooth Bridge
Ethernet Bridge
CAN-to-CAN Bridge

CANnector Log

CANnector Log

Powerful and easy to configure logging solution for CAN (FD) and LIN systems.

CANnector Log

Multi-Protocol Interfaces

IXXAT INpact - Multi-Protocol PC Interface

Connect your PC to various fieldbus and industrial Ethernet standards.

Ixxat INpact

CAN/CANopen PLC Extensions

PLC Extensions for CANopen

Connect CANopen devices to Siemens SIMATIC PLCs.

CM CANopen & 1 SI CANopen

Analysis and Configuration

Tools for Analysis and Configuration

System stimulation, configuration and analysis.

canAnalyser Test Tools

Protocol Stacks 
and APIs

Protocol Stacks and APIs

Implement various higher layer protocols.

Stacks & APIs

CAN Accessories

CAN Accessories

Termination resistors, plugs and cables.

CAN Accessories