CAN interface series for PCI

With CAN (HS/LS) and LIN support.


Active CAN Interface for PCI

1-4 x CAN (High-/Low-Speed), LIN

With the CAN-IB400/PCI HMS offers an PCI interface board based on a modern and highly modular concept. The board covers the entire range of field buses, such as CAN (ISO 11898-2), fault tolerant CAN (ISO 11898-3) and LIN.

Order codes: 1.01.0293.12001, 1.01.0293.22001


Features and benefits

  • Active PCI board with 32 bit microcontroller
  • Easy expandable via field bus expansion and expansion board
  • Up to four CAN channels (High-/Low-Speed optional switchable)
  • LIN optional
  • Galvanic isolation of the CAN interface
  • Uniform driver packages support all IXXAT CAN and CAN-FD interfaces and allow easy change of the PC interface type
  • Powerful programming interface for Windows "VCI" as well as "ECI" for Linux, QNX, RTX, INtime and VxWorks


The CAN-IB400/PCI is available with up to four CAN channels and with galvanic isolated interfaces. For use in the automotive field the high-speed CAN channels can optionally be switched to low-speed CAN via software. In addition, the card can be equipped with up to four LIN interfaces. Furthermore, the modular architecture of the PCI interface card enables the easy extension with customer specific interfaces via piggyback modules.

Due to the high number of interfaces, the board is also suitable for demanding applications - such as

  • test benches,
  • handling systems or
  • manufacturing plants.

If necessary, the number of interface channels can be extended by using multiple cards within one PC.

Technical specifications

PC bus interface PCI (V2.2)
PC address range Plug & Play
Interrupts Plug & Play
Microcontroller 32 bit microcontroller
CAN interface 1, 2 or 4 CAN interfaces; CAN 2.0 A/B; Sub-D9 plug according to CiA 303-1
Optional: CAN Low-Speed (switchable via software between CAN High-Speed and Low-Speed)
Galvanic isolation (1 kV, 1 sec.)
LIN interface Optional: up to 4 LIN (ISO 9141) interfaces; Sub-D9 plug
Power supply typ. 3.3 V DC, 500 mA / 5 V DC, 100 mA
Temperature range 0 ºC ... +70 ºC
Certification  CE, FCC
Size Approx. 65 x 120 mm

Contents of delivery

  • PC/CAN interface card, manual
  • CAN driver VCI for Windows 10 (32/64) / Windows 8 (32/64) / Windows 7 (32/64) / Windows XP SP2 (older versions on request)
  • Simple CAN monitor "canAnalyser Mini"

Order numbers

Order numbers Optional expansions Additional information
1 X 1.01.0293.12001 1 x Fieldbus Expansion 
For variants and order numbers see table below
2 X 1.01.0293.22001 1-2 x Fieldbus Expansion 
For variants and order numbers see table below
4 X 1.01.0293.22001
+ 1.01.0242.22000 
Multi CAN Expansion
Two CAN ports on each SUB-D9 plug
4 X 1.01.0293.22001
+ 1.01.0240.22103
CAN Expansion Board
1-4 x Fieldbus Expansion 
For variants and order numbers see table below
Two slot bracket ports required


Fieldbus Expansions

Galv. iso.
Order numbers
CAN Low-Speed (ISO 11898-3)  X 1.01.0241.20001
LIN (ISO 9141), V Bat 8-48 V DC extern
X 1.01.0241.20014
CAN Low-Speed (ISO 11898-3) + LIN (ISO 9141)
X 1.01.0241.20100




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CAN-IB-Series Expansions

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Feature table – fieldbus support and options
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 CAN Interface
Type On-board
LIN Further
 CANnector Ethernet/USB 8 4 2 WiFi/EtherCAT
 CAN-IB640/PCIe PCIe 1-4 1-4 1-4
 CAN-IB600/PCIe PCIe 1-2 1-2
 CAN-IB500/PCIe PCIe 1 1
 CAN-IB200/PCIe PCIe option 1-4 1-4 0-4 Low Profile
PCIe option 1-4 1-4 Low Profile
 CAN-IB520/PCIe Mini PCIe Mini


 CAN-IB120/PCIe Mini PCIe Mini option 1-2
 CAN-IB630/PCIe 104 PCIe 104

 CAN-IB230/PCIe 104 PCIe 104 2/4 0-1 0-1
 CAN-IB130/PCIe 104 PCIe 104 1-2
 PC-I 04/104
PC104 option 1-2
2 0-2 2 0-2
 CAN-IB410/PMC PMC 2-4 2-4 0-2
1-4 1-4


 USB-to-CAN FD  USB 1-2
1-2 1
 USB-to-CAN V2  USB 1-2 0-1 0-1
 USB-to-CAN V2 Plugin  USB 1-2 0-1 0-1
 simplyCAN  USB 1

 CAN@net NT 200/420 Ethernet 2-4

 CAN@net NT 100 Ethernet 1

 CAN@net II/VCI Ethernet 1
 CANblue II  Bluetooth 1

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