CAN FD Products

Products and services for the development
and operation of CAN FD networks.

  • PC Interfaces for various standards
  • Bridges, Repeaters and Gateways for CAN FD
  • Monitoring, configuration and analysis applications

CAN Infrastructure

CAN bridges and gateways enable flexible networking
of devices and systems.

  • Cost savings due to simple wiring
  • Line protection by galvanic isolation
  • Bridging of large distances and easy system access using
    Bluetooth, Ethernet...
CAN Infrastructure Comopnents


Your multi-protocol PC interface for fieldbus
and Industrial Ethernet.

  • Profibus, Profinet (FO), EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Powerlink, Modbus-TCP
  • Common driver API for all board types and protocols
  • For monitoring, configuration and analysis applications
IXXAT INpact - Multi-Protocol Interface


Cost-effective solution for connecting your PC based
application to CAN, CAN FD and LIN.

  • For industrial and automotive applications
  • Powerful driver packages and APIs
  • Supported by IXXAT analysis and configuration tools 
USB-to-CAN V2 - PC CAN Interface

Industrial Automation

Industrial data communication and
embedded system solutions

  • PC-based control, analysis and configuration
  • Topology components for a higher flexibility and cost reduction
  • Easy protocol implementation using proven stack solutions
  • Embedded PC and IO solutions
Industrial Data Communication Solutions