Ixxat INpact – One interface, many applications



Develop independent 
of the protocol

Ixxat INpact comes with a comprehensive driver package for Windows and Linux with a C programming interface, enabling easy and rapid development of customer-specific applications – independent of the used board version and protocol. Thanks to the uniform programming interface, it is possible to switch quickly between protocols without extensive programming, leading to increased flexibility and a reduction in terms of development costs.

INpact Multi-Protocol
INpact PCIe Mini Format

For industrial PCs and mobile devices

The INpact offering is available in three versions with different interfaces:

  • PCIe, including standard or low-profile slot brackets
  • PCIe Mini, for devices with limited available space and mobile devices
  • M.2 for modern compact or mobile devices

Ixxat Mini Bracket

Just as the PCIe card variants can be exchanged simply by means of the uniform slot plate, this is also possible with the PCIe mini and M.2 variants through the included Ixxat Mini Bracket.
And if no INpact Mini/M.2 is equipped, then close the housing with the “INpact Ready” plate.

IXXAT Mini Bracket



Versatile application areas

  • Connection of devices/subsystems as a slave to higher level networks
  • Process data visualization, e.g. within control stations or machines
  • Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI), mobile solutions based on Mini PCIe
  • Data acquisition within test benches or test systems
  • Measurement and analysis applications

IXXAT INpact - Suitable for various applications


INpact NP40 Inside



Award-winning technology giving the best-in-class performance

Ixxat INpact is based on the Anybus CompactCom NP40 technology – a multi-protocol network processor used within millions of devices globally.

Anybus NP40 handles the complete communication and provides high performance for real-time applications, making Ixxat INpact the ideal choice for demanding industrial applications using EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink, Modbus TCP, PROFINET IRT, PROFINET IRT Fiber Optic and PROFIBUS.