Ixxat INpact Interface

Connect your PC to any industrial network!


Until now, it has been complicated to develop applications for several fieldbus or industrial Ethernet standards since different interface cards and application programming interfaces had to be used. Ixxat INpact now simplifies this thanks to its protocol-independent approach. Ixxat INpact is an "all in one package solution", including the PC interface card, the protocol processing and driver interfaces for your application.

Ixxat INpact


One for all

One board for all major industrial Ethernet networks and PROFIBUS


Highly flexible

Available as dedicated protocol variant or Common Ethernet variant – allowing switching of the protocol on the fly

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Easy integration

Different form factors enable easy integration into existing environments


Standardized API

Easy switching between protocols without adaptation of the application through a standardized API


High performance

Powerful hardware for demanding real-time applications

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Future-proof solution

Based on approved and continuously maintained Ixxat and Anybus technologies

INpact Profibus Slave

Versatile PC interface for Profibus

The dedicated Profibus version of the Ixxat INpact comes with a pre-installed network protocol. It enables the easy connection of PC-based Profibus Slave applications to the industrial network and is based on proven Anybus and Ixxat technology.

Order codes: 1.01.0321.27110, 1.01.0340.27101, 1.01.0342.27151, 1.04.0340.00001, 1.01.0340.27101


Profibus Features

  • Profibus DP-V1 and DP-V0
  • Profibus connector (9-pin female Sub-D9)
  • Automatic baud-rate detection
  • Generic and Profibus specific diagnostic support
  • User Parameterization Data
  • Set Slave Address
  • ADI access via DP-V1 read/write services
  • Up to 488 bytes of IO data (244 bytes in each direction)
  • Device identity customization
  • Generic GSD file provided
  • Modular Device Mode

Easy Programming

The INpact card comes with a comprehensive C-API based driver package for Windows – enabling simple and rapid development of customer-specific applications – and with drivers for Linux. Operating systems such as RTX, Intime, VxWorks and QNX are supported upon request.

Technical Specifications

  INpact Profibus Slave PCIe Standard/Low Profile
INpact Profibus Slave PCIe Mini
INpact Profibus Slave M.2
Field bus interface 9-pin female Sub-D9
9-pin female Sub-D9
9-pin female Sub-D9
PC interfaces PCI Express single lane port (x1) according 
to PCI Express base specification, revision 1.1
PCI Express single lane port (x1)
PCI Express single lane port (x1)
Network handling Anybus NP40
Anybus NP40
Anybus NP40
Power supply Via PCIe socket (3.3 V / 12 V DC)
Via PCIe (3,3 V)
Via PCIe (3,3 V)
Current consumption Typ. 100 mA / 3.3 V DC, 120 mA / 12 V DC
Typ. 600 mA / 3.3 V DC
Typ. 600 mA / 3.3 V DC
Form factor Standard height / low profile PCI Express add-in card profile
Full Mini Card form factor
M.2 2260 (Key B-M)
Operating temperature range 0 °C to 70 °C; Option: -40 °C to 70° C
-40 °C to 60 °C
-20 °C to 60 °C
Galvanic isolation 1,500 Vrms
1,500 Vrms
1,500 Vrms
Dimensions 64 x 105 mm
30 x 50.95 x 12 mm (interface with cable)
22 x 60 x 12 mm (interface with cable)
Weight approx. 55 g
approx. 50 g
approx. 25 g
Certification CE, FCC

Technical Services

Getting Started Support
We offer our customers support via phone, e-mail and Teamviewer in getting started the quickest way possible. This includes assistance in installation of the INpact PC card and driver, explaining the included programming examples, and giving an introduction to process data mapping and PLC configuration.

Additional Support
Extended support such as mapping process data, detailed introduction to the sample code, etc. can be offered on an hourly base as general technical service.

Content of Delivery

  • Ixxat INpact PC board (Mini and M.2 version with additional bus interface board, cable and mini bracket)
  • Profibus firmware pre-installed
  • Windows, Linux and INtime driver software
  • Manual

Order Information

Product name Supported protocol
Order number
INpact Profibus Slave PCIe Standard Profile Profibus DPV-1
INpact Profibus Slave PCIe Low Profile Profibus DPV-1
on request
INpact Profibus Slave PCIe Mini with connection cable (150 mm) and bus coupling unit Profibus DPV-1
INpact Profibus Slave M.2 with connection cable (150 mm) and bus coupling unit Profibus DPV-1
Connection cable (300 mm) for INpact PCIe Mini or M.2


Common Ethernet or dedicated version?
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The industrial Ethernet variants of the Ixxat INpact include two
complementary approaches to industrial Ethernet connectivity:

  • Dedicated versions 
    This boards come with a pre-installed network protocol for the selected Ethernet standard.
  • Common Ethernet (CE)
    The very flexible Common Ethernet solution allows to download the desired industrial Ethernet protocol into the standardized Ixxat INpact Ethernet hardware. This enables easy and cost-efficient switching between all available industrial Ethernet protocols, minimizing the need for keeping stock of different product versions.

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INpact NP40 Inside

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Technical Services

Development services and OEM products

From brand-labelling, to HW/SW modification to completely custom designed products.
Case Study

Ixxat INpact for Worker Guidance System

Sarissa Assistance Systems rely on Ixxat INpact to connect their local positioning system to customer‘s own worker guidance systems.

One product – many applications

HMS offers flexible solutions for a wide range of industries and applications – from industrial automation to automotive test systems.

INpact Brochure

Download our latest Ixxat INpact brochure as PDF file and learn more about the multi-protocol PC board solutions...