IO Modules

for CAN, CANopen and EtherCAT

With the CANio 250/500 and the ETCio 100, HMS offers three modules enabling quick and easy connection of analog and digital input and output signals to CAN, CANopen and EtherCAT systems – whether in experimental setups, test benches or vehicles.

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Universal use

Robust design and wide power supply range allows universal use


Analog & Digital

Support for both digital and analog IOs on one device



Easy configuration and versatile configuration options

ETCio 100

Flexible I/O Module for EtherCAT as board-level product or with rugged aluminum case

The EtherCAT I/O Module "ETCio 100" enables the quick and easy connection of analog and digital input and output signals to EtherCAT systems – whether in component test stands, mobile applications or for industrial automation applications.

Please note: This product is discontinued as of 31.12.2020. A replacement product is not available.

Order codes: 1.01.0250.20001, 1.01.0250.21001

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Features and benefits

  • Suitable for EtherCAT networks
  • 6 digital inputs (between 0...34 V, threshold at 2.5 V)
  • 4 digital outputs (max. 2 Ampere, output voltage free selectable up to 32 V)
  • 2 analog input, 12 bit res., 0...10 V
  • 2 analog output, 12 bit res., 0...10 V, 20 mA
  • Universal use due to robust design and wide power supply range
  • Plug-in version available for direct integration into customer hardware

Contents of delivery

  • EtherCAT IO-Module ETCio 100
  • Product CD with manual (PDF)

Technical specifications

Industrial Ethernet Interface EtherCAT
Digital Inputs 6 x (between 0...34 V, threshold at 2.5 V)
Digital Outputs 4 x, max. 2 Ampere, output voltage free selectable up to 32 V, depending on power supply voltage
Analog Inputs 2 x, 12 Bit Res., 0-10 V
Analog Outputs 2 x, 12 Bit Res., 0-10 V, 20 mA (optional 16 bit resolution)
Display 4 LEDs
Temperature range for operation -40 °C to +70 °C
Power Supply 6...32 V, 2-pin Phoenix-Contact plug RM 3,5
Types of Plugs 16-pin connector for digital and analog signals, Phoenix-Contact plug RM 3,81
Protection Class  IP42
Dimensions 113 x 76 x 17 mm (board level produkt), 120 x 82 x 32 mm (with aluminum case)

How it works

The ETCio 100 has two analog inputs and outputs with a 12-bit resolution. The analog output voltage range can be individually programmed between 0 to +10 V. In addition, the device has six digital inputs and four digital outputs. The outputs are short circuit protected.

The configuration of the ETCio 100 is made by the EtherCAT master device by writing EtherCAT objects.

Board-Level Product

The embedded board version of the ETCio 100 can be easily integrated in customer specific devices. Furthermore, customized versions with custom I/O interfaces, individual form factors or connectors can be developed by HMS in a short time and at reasonable prices.

ETCio100 IO Module Board

Order number

1.01.0250.20001 ETCio 100 with aluminum case
1.01.0250.21001 ETCio 100 board
1.04.0086.00000 Mounting clamp for Alubos 800 enclosure (for ETCio 100)

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