canAnalyser for CAN, CANopen, DeviceNet and J1939

canAnalyser 3 Suite

Powerful, multi-purpose analysis tool for the development, test and maintenance of
CAN, CAN FD, LIN, CANopen, DeviceNet and SAE J1939 networks.

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canAnalyser is available as "Mini", "Lite" and "Standard" version to meet customer requirements in terms of functionality and price in the best possible way.



Suitable for CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, SAE J1939, DeviceNet and LIN based systems – providing higher layer protocol interpretation.



The .NET interface of the canAnalyser provides the ability to extend the tool by adding own modules.



Receive and process messages in a timely manner even when bus loads and baud rates are high.


Flexible transmission

Stimulation of devices or systems through sending of one-off or cyclical messages and entire command-controlled message sequences.



Logging and online monitoring

Online analysis of message traffic with interpreted signal display or recording of messages with powerful trigger functions.

canAnalyser mini/lite/standard

Powerful Tool for Development, Testing and Service

The canAnalyser is a versatile tool for the development, testing and servicing of CAN, CAN FD and LIN based systems. The software package is based on a modular concept and available in three versions (mini, lite and standard) with a different set of functions and modules.

Ixxat canAnalyser3 Demo / Trial Version

Download free canAnalyser Mini (part of the VCI-Installation)

Order codes: 1.12.0133.31000, 1.12.0166.31000


Scope of functions

Mini/Lite/Standard version - Included modules and functions

Module canAnalyser
Lite 3
Standard 3
 Measurement configuration
Supported bus controllers 1 1 64
Number of function modules per bus controller (multi-start)
1 each one module per function unlimited
Transmitting messages in layer 2 format via broadcasting lists (one-off/cyclic) Transmit X (up to 5 predefined messages) X X
Transmitting signals based on underlayed databases
Transmitting sequences in layer 2 format using simple commands for control Sequencer X X
 Reception and display
Receive messages and online display in layer 2 format
  Receive X (only scroll view) X (overwrite and scroll view) X (overwrite and scroll view)
Filtering during reception
  Receive X X
Signal reception and interpreted online display based on databases (overwrite/scroll)
Signal up to 5 signals X
Graphical display of received signals over the time axis
Signal up to 5 signals X
Display of statistical values (e.g. bus load, number of error frames)
Signal X X
Logging of value range overflows Signal X X
Graphical display of frequency distribution of received messages
Histogram X X
Recording on hard disk for later analysis
  Trace X (max. 1 GB) X (no limitation) X (no limitation)
Filter and trigger functions during recording
  Trace X X
Recording on hard disk for later analysis, including filter and trigger functions
Playback of recordings on the buses and/or modules for analyzing
Replay X X
 Adaptation and Extension
Development of measurement/analysis functions using C# and Visual-Basic .NET scripts   Scripting
Open interface for expansion by customer-specific modules (.NET modules)
customized X X
 Protocol Interpreter
Display of CANopen messages according to CANopen specification   CANopen optional optional
Display of DeviceNet messages according to DeviceNet specification
DeviceNet optional optional
Display of SAE J1939 messages according to SAE J1939 specification   J1939 optional optional

Additional features

The range of functions offered by the canAnalyser covers all areas of application, from simple network analysis to powerful analysis and emulation of applications of any complexity.

Easy operation

  • Docking functions – arrange the windows of your test setup according to your requirements
  • Intuitive window synchronisation – double-click to jump to the same message in all info windows
  • A clear tree structure enables measurement configurations to be created with only a few mouse clicks
  • Window or module arrangements can be saved as "Layout"; shortcut keys can be used to quickly switch between the layouts
  • Measurement configurations can be saved, easily adopted by other analysis systems and adapted to the hardware present on the system

Easy and intuitive network analysis

  • Simple error analysis through long-term recording with adaptable trigger and filter conditions (Online Trace on hard drive)
  • Powerful message databases allow for ID name mapping, interpretation of signals received and display of physical variables
  • CANdb, FIBEX, LDF and DIM import for message databases
  • Improved database support for signal interpretation – use of database signals in Receive and Transmit direction
  • Statistics values (e.g. bus load, error frames) can be displayed directly as graphics together with database signals

Powerful and versatile

  • Highly accurate time stamp with a resolution of up to 1 µs for objects received (depending on the hardware used)
  • Supports all IXXAT PC/CAN interfaces
  • Supports CAN with 11 bit and 29 bit identifiers, CAN FD
  • Optional passive mode – no impact on the CAN systems connected to the canAnalyser
  • On / offline analysis (no bus interface required)

System requirements

  • PC with Windows7 (32/64 Bit) / Windows8 (32/64 Bit) / Windows10 (32/64 Bit)
  • IXXAT PC CAN interface and VCI driver

Contents of delivery

  • Software as single-user license
  • Sample programs for using the programming interface
  • User manual
  • USB license key


Order numbers

1.12.0133.31000 canAnalyser Standard
1.12.0166.31000 canAnalyser Lite
included in the latest VCI driver packages canAnalyser Mini


Order numbers

canAnalyser Bundles

1.03.0133.30001 canAnalyser, CANopen Module, USB-to-CAN V2 professional galv. decoupled
1.03.0133.30002 canAnalyser, DeviceNet Module, USB-to-CAN V2 professional galv. decoupled
1.03.0133.30003 canAnalyser, SAE J1939 Module, USB-to-CAN V2 professional galv. decoupled

canAnalyser picture gallery
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Modular concept
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The central element of the canAnalyser is the control panel, that presents the comprehensive functions of the canAnalyser in a simple and clearly arranged manner. Using the control panel, the user can start and control the various function modules. All function modules of the canAnalyser are connected to virtual buses that are assigned to a real CAN, CAN FD or LIN controller (Ixxat PC/CAN interface). The virtual buses mean the measurement configuration is independent of the measurement computer and can therefore be copied directly to other measurement computers.

canAnalyser Software Concept

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