Diagnosis and
Configuration Tools

Tools for physical tests and diagnosis as well as for
system and device configuration.

By Ixxat, emotas and Pyramid Solutions.

Diagnosis and Configuration Tools

Commissioning test

CANcheck – Hand-held tool for easy CAN network test during commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting.


Easy device configuration

emotas tools enable easy configuration of CANopen and SAE J1939 devices with a few mouse clicks.


Fast time to market

emotas DeviceDesigner tools simplify the development of devices based on emotas protocol software packages and reduce your time to market.

emotas J1939 DeviceDesigner

The J1939 DeviceDesigner is an easy-to-use tool for
fast and cost-saving design of J1939 devices.

With a few mouse clicks the PGN and SPN definitions of the device can be created on the basis of predefined data bases. The J1939 DeviceDesigner creates the PGN definition structures and initializing functions in C and a device documentation. Additionally the J1939 DeviceDesigner configures the J1939 stack and J1939 driver under consideration of the device characteristics. So the optimal configuration is given.

Order codes: EM-1030-10-D, EM-1030-10, EM-1030-11, EM-1030-11-D

emotas J1939 DeviceDesigner


  • fast device development by use of predefined databases
  • automatic generation of output from data sources
  • consistency of the PGN definitions and the documentation through common source
  • optimal and resource saving configuration of the J1939 stack according to device characteristics
  • easy handling through input masks for bit coded values

How it works

PGN and SPN definition

According to the data bases and input the PGN definition structures is created as C source code file. This is integrated into the application as interface for the protocol stack. It is possible – when configured accordingly – to access the signals directly as C variable.

J1939 stack configuration and initializing

According to the adjustments and definitions of the signal definitions a configuration and initializing file in C source code is created. This secures that only used services of the J1939 stack will be compiled and initialized. Resource saving configuration is given by that.

Device documentation

For the PGN and SPN definition with all features and descriptions and for further device specific adjustments a device documentation is generated both in HTML and text format. The documentation reflects the recent entries and implementation and is therefore always up to date. It is possible to export the documentation for further use, e.g. as part of the user manual of the device.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10
  • diverse Linux-variants (tested with Ubuntu 14.04)
  • Mac OS X

Scope of delivery/Licensing

  • J1939 DeviceDesigner software for download
  • Single-user-license

Product video

Order number

on request emotas J1939 DeviceDesigner

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