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SG-basic Energy Gateway

01 - Manuals/Design Guides

SG-basic Manual English (extendend online version)1.11.79 MB Download
Getting Started - MQTT and SMS Messages1.04.14 MB Download
Getting Started - OPC-UA1.03.19 MB Download
Getting Started - Modbus RTU and TCP1.1384.23 KB Download

03 - Certifications

IEC60870-5-104 Interoperability1.1281.48 KB Download
IEC61850 TICS1.1216.65 KB Download
IEC61850 Server PIXIT1.1169.83 KB Download
IEC61850 PICS1.1156.33 KB Download
IEC61850 Client PIXIT1.1158.23 KB Download
DNP3 Device Profile 112.97 KB Download

05 - Other Documentation

Ixxat-SG-Gateway-WebPLC-ReleaseNotes19.04.05 848.88 KB Download
Firmware-Update - SG-gateway1.2209.11 KB Download

06 - Step 3D Files

Ixxat_SG_Basic 3.89 MB Download