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Under the Ixxat and Anybus brands, HMS offers over 200 different products for CAN, CAN FD and the CAN-based protocols CANopen, SAE J1939 and DeviceNet.

Our CAN products...


...enable easy connection of PCs or PLCs to CAN networks

IXXAT PC/CAN Interfaces

Ixxat PC/CAN Interfaces
are the connecting link between CAN, CAN FD and your Windows, Linux or real-time application. They are the basis for your control, service and configuration application as well as for the Ixxat tools. All standard PC interface standards are supported.

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IXXAT PLC Expansions

IXXAT CM CANopen and 1 SI CANopen
enable cost-effective integration of CANopen field devices in SIMATIC ET200®S and S7-1200® systems. Expensive or space-consuming PROFIBUS or PROFINET CANopen gateways are no longer necessary.

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...allow easy networking of your components

CAN Repeater

Ixxat Repeaters
increase the reliability of CAN networks, provide protection against overvoltage and enable network adaptation using stubs, tree and star topologies.

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CAN Bridges and Gateways

Ixxat Bridges and Gateways
bridge large distances, enable wirelessly connection or allow mobile system asscss - for example, via Bluetooth or Ethernet. 

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Anybus X-gateway

Anybus X-gateways
Over 250 variants are available for the coupling of CAN and CANopen networks with all leading fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks. 

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Anybus Communicator

Anybus Communicator
connects automation devices via serial interface with CAN or devices with CAN interface to many different industrial networks. Simple integration without adaptation of your hardware or software and without programming!

Product details you at the implementation of CAN

IXXAT Protocol Software and APIs

Ixxat Protocol Software 
allow highly flexible implementation of CAN-based protocols – tailored to your resources and the required functions. 

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And if something does not work out as it should...

IXXAT Analysis and Diagnosis Tools

Ixxat Analysis, Diagnosis
and Configuration Tools
support your development and simplify troubleshooting. 

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CAN Technology

CAN Technology

Detailed information about the CAN and CAN FD technology and the CAN-based higher layer protocols.

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