Products and services for FlexRay
based development and testing.

HMS products and services enable you to...

  • test your networked systems and components
  • connect FlexRay to other networks using our gateway products
  • perform data logging and residual bus simulation

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What is FlexRay?
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FlexRay Products and Services
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Automotive Tools

Simulate FlexRay vehicle parts
and interconnect components

With the Ixxat FRC-EP-Series and the ACT Tool HMS offers a powerful package for testing of FlexRay devices and systems as well as for testing other automotive bus systems.

  • Residual bus simulation
  • Gateway and data logging
  • Data visualization
  • ... and much more
Ixxat FRC-EP-Series
Ixxat ACT Tool

What is FlexRay?

The data exchange between the numerous control devices, sensors and actuators in automobiles is mainly carried out via CAN networks. However, the introduction of the new x-by-wire systems results in increased requirements especially with regard to error tolerance and time-determinism of message transmission. FlexRay fulfills these increased requirements by message transmission in fixed time slots and by fault-tolerant and redundant message transmission on two channels, so it is also ideally suited for active safety systems (e.g. airbags).

Today, the carmakers BMW, DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, Volkswagen as well as the companies Bosch, Freescale and Philips Semiconductors are represented as core partners in the FlexRay consortium which is responsible for the development of the FlexRay standard.