Reliable CANopen solutions
covering many application areas.

HMS products and services enable you to...

  • flexible and easily implement the CANopen protocol into your devices, either using ready-to-use
    modules or protocol stacks
  • connect CANopen to any other industrial network
  • connect your PC to CANopen, enabling PC based control, configuration and analysis
  • extend your PLC with a CANopen interface
  • analyze and maintain your systems
What is CANopen?
CANopen Products and Services Title
PC Interfaces

Connect your PC to CANopen

Ixxat PC CAN Interfaces enable the easy connection of PC-based applications to CANopen.

  • Available in various form factors and for many PC interface standards
  • Windows APIs for customer specific PC based CANopen master applications available 

PC CAN Interfaces for CANopen
CANopen Master API 

PLC Extensions for CANopen

Control your CANopen devices

CANopen expansions for standard PLCs – we have the suitable solution for you.

  • SIMATIC PLC CANopen extension via 1 SI CANopen and CM CANopen modules – easily and inexpensively integrate CANopen field devices

CANopen Extension for SIMATIC PLCs

Protocol Software

Implement CANopen on your own device

The CANopen protocol software packages include all necessary functions to implement slave, simple master or manager devices according to the CANopen specification.

  • Available for various microcontroller systems and compilers  

CANopen Protocol Software Packages

CAN Tools

Analyze and Configure

We offer a wide range of tools for your CANopen development, system commissioning and for troubleshooting.

  • canAnalyser – easily analyze, transmit and log your CANopen messages and signals
  • CANopen trouble-shooting – powerful mobile hand-held or PC based tools

canAnalyser with CANopen extension
CANopen Diagnosis and Trouble-Shooting

Further IXXAT CANopen products:

Repeaters       Bridges and Gateways

What is CANopen?

CANopen is an open and flexible higher layer protocol that is used in an ever-increasing range of applications. Based on the CAN bus, it combines low cost with high performance and represents an attractive distributed control solution for industrial automation, medical equipment, public transportation, elevators, maritime electronics, and many other applications.