Products and services for Powerlink
based factory automation solutions.

HMS products and services enable you to...

  • flexible and easily implement the Powerlink protocol into your devices
  • connect Powerlink to any other industrial network
  • connect PCs to Powerlink for gateway, visualization and analysis applications
What is Powerlink?
Powerlink Products and Services
IXXAT INpact multi-protocol PC interface

Connect your PC to Powerlink

Ixxat INpact is a versatile industrial Ethernet PC interface with multi-protocol support available in various form factors.

  • For EtherNet/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT, Powerlink and Modbus-TCP
  • Designed for process data visualization, data acquisition, measurement and analysis applications

Ixxat INpact PC interface


What is Powerlink?

Powerlink is a purely software-based Industrial Ethernet solution that has been designed to integrate all communication tasks of modern automation applications – uniformly and consistently. The real-time protocol is basically suitable for all applications in machine and plant engineering as well as for applications in the process industry.

The application interface of Powerlink is based on the mechanisms defined in the CANopen communication profile DS301, which opens up a wide range of readily available and usable device and application profiles.

Powerlink is suitable for implementing applications with hard real-time requirements in the µs range. However, it is also equally suitable for implementing applications that must guarantee transmission of larger quantities of data within a defined period of time and also require the known flexibility from CANopen.