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Reliable and Future Proof CAN Networks


CAN bus is a mature but still powerful technology, mainly used inside machines operating as closed stand-alone systems. Applications range from coffee machines and battery management systems, construction machines and municipal vehicles such as garbage collection trucks and fire engines, through to mid- and large-scale boats and ships. CAN bus is ideally suited to this type of system due to its fundamental design.

This white paper will discuss typical issues encountered during retrofitting and extending existing CAN based systems and how to avoid them. Further, it will present ways to access machines remotely to enable machine data or physical signals to be available at both operator and management levels.

Content overview

  • Obstacles to extending a network
  • Harsh environment
    - EMI Influences and galvanic isolation 
    - Mechanical stress & difficult cabling
  • Extension of cable length
    - Cable length vs. bit rate
  • CAN meets IIoT
    - What is IIoT?
  • Network communication level
    - On premise
    - Remote access
  • Physical signals, status & alarms

Reliable and Future Proof CAN Networks

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