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Security plus of TLS 1.3


Secure communication is becoming increasingly important in industrial networks due to the steady growth of various Ethernet protocols and IIoT applications. In the area of critical infrastructures, such as energy networks and smart grid applications, securing communication is also a key issue.

This white paper shows which changes and innovations have been made in TLS 1.3 compared to its predecessor TLS 1.2 in order to increase the security of the protocol and thereby illustrates why the migration to the latest version is necessary from a security point of view.

Content overview

  • Why use TLS 1.3 instead of TLS 1.2?
  • New Features and changes of TLS 1.3
  • Elimination of outdated Algorithms and Ciphers
  • Addition of more secure methods
  • Performance boost and less latency
  • Ixxat SG-gateway – Secure Smart Grid communication using TSL 1.3

Security plus of TSL 1.3

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